The Best Year Ever for Hydrangeas

While I can’t say how well hydrangeas will bloom in YOUR area this year (a lot depends on the weather) I do know that there has never been a better year to buy hydrangeas that WILL bloom well, even under adverse conditions. Sellers are calling these hydrangeas EVERBLOOMING hydrangeas [The botanical term is remontant hydrangeas].

Endless Summer, Photo by Millie McAaw

If you plan to grow a number of hydrangeas in your garden or landscape, you will definitely want to plant a few that are known to bloom even if you live in an area that is too cold for old timey hydrangeas. And if a prune-happy husband or gardener trims your hydrangeas at the wrong time (sorry, guys, but it always seems to be a man who does this), these everblooming hydrangeas should bloom anyway!

Tomorrow I’ll post a list of hydrangeas purported to be everblooming.




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