My White Hydrangeas Won’t Stay White

Same white hydrangea: fresh vs two weeks later

Same white hydrangea: fresh vs two weeks later

I received a question from a visitor to my site. She said:

“I just purchased a white hydrangea – it is blooming now in the pot from the store.  I know that some hydrangeas can be fertilized to be blue or pink,  but I’d like to keep this one white. One bloom has the faintest pink edge but all the others are white or cream.

 I would appreciate your advice. Thank you very much.” – Elizabeth


 There is really very little we can do to keep white hydrangea blooms white. The normal aging cycle for the blooms usually involved a change of color. Annabelle hydraneas are green when they first bloom, then they turn white, and back to green again; PeeGee hydrangeas open white then gradually turn pink; white mopheads (macrophyllas) (which is probably what you have) often fade to a very light blue or light pink as the blooms age and then, even later, they pick up shades of burgundy. Some gardeners love this color change. 


Keeping hydrangeas healthy increases the time that the blooms stay at their peak (and the color fresh). Blooms that receive too much hot sun often age faster than those with protection during the hottest part of the day. But fertilizer or other additives won’t cause the blooms to stay white for a longer time. 


If you are interested in knowing more about color change in hydrangeas, check out this page on my site:




All About Hydrangeas
A Flower for All Seasons


2 Responses to “My White Hydrangeas Won’t Stay White”

  1. misto07 Says:

    Hey, at my wedding I used white hydrangeas as the main flower. They were beautiful.

    Today, I posted an artistic image I worked up from white hydrangeas I had photographed at a friend’s house. You can see it at

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