My Hydrangeas Were Cut to the Ground!

Husband pruning the shrubs


My dear husband thought he was being helpful and cut 2 of my mophead hydrangeas down to the base of the stems. None of them were dead and all had buds on them. He did this the first of February. Will they ever bloom again?

Thanks so much!


Hi Bambie,

I’m so sorry your hydrangeas were cut to the ground. Believe me, there is a whole army of “guilty” men out there who love to neaten things up in the landscape. You have a lot of company.

Although it is very unlikely that your hydrangea will bloom this year, it will bloom in future years (if it has bloomed in the past). You will be amazed how quickly it will grow back to its former size. I wouldn’t be surprised if it reaches its previous size by the end of the summer.

As they say in football…. There’s always next year.

Best of luck,

All About Hydrangeas
A Flower for All Seasons


3 Responses to “My Hydrangeas Were Cut to the Ground!”

  1. sharion Says:

    I cut mine back in the fall I cut them down as much as possible and then i mow over them they come back bigger than ever .

  2. pat metzler Says:

    Dear Judith, My husband did the same as bambies husband, except he cut the hydrangeas to the ground this spring. Thay were full of buds. Will thay come back this year? Or has he killed them? I’m sick about this… Thay were full an beautiful last year…tks pat

    • hydrangeashoh Says:

      Unfortunately, there is no way to know if they will bloom this year. It is highly likely that they will grow as large as they were last year and the shrub may be prettier than ever. But some hydrangeas bloom after they are cut back in the spring and some do not. My friend’s took two years to bloom again, but once they started, they bloomed like crazy. Good luck. – Judith

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