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Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas?

March 8, 2009

Marilyn writes:
Hi – I just saw your web site on Hydrangeas, and it is wonderful! Do you know if deer like hydrangeas? I have a terrible problem with deer eating everything I plant.

Thanks for your help.




Unfortunately, deer love young hydrangeas. They also like new leaves on older plants. However, the older plants usually survive the damage even if they don’t bloom that year. If you are having problems with newly planted hydrangeas, it might help to plant larger hydrangeas and protect them with wire cages the first few weeks they are in the ground. It seems to me that deer are most active in the spring, but others may challenge that idea.

On the other hand, deer can be pretty non-selective if they get hungry enough (as I’m sure you know). I worked for a garden center for years and heard all the stories about tricks people used to try to keep the deer from eating their plants. The only one I ever heard that really worked was an electric fence – a little too expensive for most of us.

Naomi, a visitor to my site, said that spraying Deer-Off had worked for her with hydrangeas. Sometimes these sprays work for a short time, and then the deer get used to it, and ignore it. So I don’t know if it was a permanent fix or just short term.



If someone could really invent a strong deer repellent, they would be wealthy.

A flower for all seasons

Please leave your comments if you’ve had experience repelling deer.